Board of Directors

Michael Bergen

Michael BergenMichael has been the CEO and Executive Director of the American Obesity Association (formerly the Massachusetts Science Center) for 25 years. He has worked hands-on with over 1.2 million children and is recognized as one of the leading educational motivators in the country. He is a scientist, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, author and speaker. He is the co-inventor of the Scientist Trading Cards which is one of the leading science enrichment games in America. As a dynamic professional with international sales, marketing and business management experience he is the driving force behind the marketing, culture and mission of the organization. He has successfully designed programs to help organizations create, manage and implement their national strategic vision. Mr. Bergen has superior experience in building national sales teams and challenging the imagination with exciting and innovative products, services, promotions and special events. He has also authored 3 books. Michael was commissioned a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky for lifetime achievement.

Board of Directors
Spring 2021